The English language is complicated, and as such, leads to a lot of confusion. If you’ve been using all of these words right, you’re nothing short of a dictionary genius. As for the rest of us, time to do a little learnin’.

15 Common-ish Words Most of Us Have Used Wrong All Along

#1 — Bemused

Example: “I’m bemused at this entire post. Are you sure these are right?”

#2 — Chronic

Example: “We have a chronic case of the memes.”

#3 — Decimate

“The piranhas destroyed ten percent of my left leg!”
“….so the decimated it?”
“Why are you like this?”

#4 — Enervate

Example: “I find this post rather enervating. How much longer is it going to be?”

#5 — Enormity

Example: “The enormity of my misuse of these words is egregious.”

#6 — Entitled

Good Example:
“I work my tushie off and make my workplace a more enjoyable place to be. I am entitled to this awesome paycheck.”

Bad Example:
“I exist. I want nicer belongings. I am entitled to a massive raise.”

#7 — Factoid

Example: “Are you sure #7 isn’t, in fact, a factoid? Looks questionable to me.”

#8 — Infer vs Imply

“Are you implying that you’d like me to do the dishes?”
“Yes. I’m glad you inferred that from my implicit body language.”

#9 — Inflammable

Example: “As it turns out, the roll of toilet paper was inflammable. I owe my buddy $3 and a new set of eyebrows.”