We’ve perused so many corners and avenues on the Internet, and have come across so many beautiful, wonderful, amazing things along the way. So, we’ve decided to make a home for some of those things that we find either oddly satisfying or interesting as f**k – and we hope you enjoy them!

15 Oddly Satisfying and Interesting as F**k Photos

This matching fish and bird

These beautiful hanging plants

This perfectly-rounded rock agains this beautiful background

These criss-crossed timbers

This beautiful piece of cake.

These perfectly-aligned turning riders

This other perfectly-rounded rock

The Catacombs of France

This beautifully structured Lego gradient

This perfectly filled ketchup container

These (nearly) perfect stocked chips

This architectural beauty

This beautiful aloe plant

This perfect veggie container

These amazing crayon carvings

Wow. Just…wow. Stay awesome, friends.