Every expecting parent hopes their first glance at baby will bring smiles and/or tears, not raised eyebrows and double takes. With the ultrasonic technology available to most, however, the latter is relatively inevitable. We’re just glad the good-humored parental units share their bizarre sonograms for the entertainment of the masses.

15 Sonograms That Look Like…Not Babies

#1 – The Alien

It doesn’t come in peace…at least until it starts sleeping through the night.

#2 – Baby Chucky

That couldn’t have been a comfortable pregnancy. Do you think there was creepy theme music following the mom around?

#3 – Batman

Fighting injustice one bladder kick at a time.

#4 – Cat

At least the baby has a friend in there.

#5 – Emporor Palpatine

Mom was carrying the dark side. The dark side wanted cookies.

#6 – Frieza from Dragon Ball Z

Emporor of the Wombiverse

#7 – Furby

Batteries not include. It’ll make sound anyway.

#8 – Eye of Providence

This baby is bound for the Illuminati.

#9 – Jigsaw

We Saw what they did there.