18 All-New Hilariously Awful “Di-WHY” Projects – Don’t Try At Home!

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have become increasingly popular the last few years, especially with the rise of Pinterest crafts. The subreddit DiWHY is a constantly growing compilation of the best (read: worst) projects made by your average human.

Sometimes the ideas for the projects are downright horrid, sometimes the idea would have worked if it weren’t for the poor execution. Please enjoy these hilarious diWHY projects!

18 All-New Hilariously Awful “Di-WHY” Projects – Don’t Try At Home!

This Sticker

A Real Beefy Tone

This Bathroom Mirror

A Gas Pump Sink Faucet

Door Gate

Drum Lamp

This Heineken Can Lamp

Um… I’ll Just Sit on the Floor

How to Know When You’ve Gone Overboard on the Knitting

This Beer Bottle Light Fixture

A Pallet Ramp

Penny For Your Thoughts

This Shoe Fish Tank

So… What Type of Car is This?

This Throw Pillow


Upside Down


I really can’t decide if the “inventors” in this post are geniuses or the dumbest people living. Perhaps they’re both, simultaneously. Either way, I’m glad they exist so I can get a laugh out of their handiwork!