18 Close Calls & Narrowly Avoided Disasters

Have you ever had a near-death experience? How about catching a risky text or email JUST before sending it to the wrong person? Here are over 20 close calls that will get your heart pumping!

You Won’t Believe How Narrowly These Folks Avoided Disaster – 20+ Close Calls

Nice Reflexes!

Thank God for Safety Glasses

This Lucky Car Owner

Camo Cat

Nice Save

Boulder Roll

That Could’ve Hurt

He Dropped His Wedding Ring

Stopped Just In Time

Almost Got a Hatchet to the Face


Could’ve Been Deadly

Both Cars Were Lucky Here

Two Nails in the Knee – Both Missed Bone

Always Wear Safety Goggles

Another Lucky Driver

This One Makes Me Sweat

Through the Shirt, Not the Skin

Whoo! Those are some lucky people! What’s the closest call you’ve ever experienced? Let me know in the comments!