How dirty is your mind? Some people have it worse than others, chuckling at harmless statements like school children because they sound R-rated. Well, here’s your chance. Indulge your dirty-minded self and chuckle along the way as you read through our racy list of dirty things you might hear at the dinner table.


18 Things You May Hear at Family Dinner, But Also in the Bedroom


Stuffed at Dinner
You finish eating dinner and turn to your significant other. “I’m stuffed!” You may also say something similar later that night.


Breast or Thigh
I don’t know if anyone actually asks this question, but I’ve heard of far kinkier questions asked in the heat of the moment. So, you in the mood for a “breast or a thigh?”


Finish your food
Parents, you know this one so well. Your kids won’t finish their dinner. “Well, you’re not leaving this table until you finish!” You can imagine a few other scenarios where your dancing partner may say the same thing.


Get in my mouth
You ever talk to your food? You’re about to bite into the juicy burger and can’t help but say: “Get in my mouth.” Alternatively, maybe you’re the kind of chick who says that to her man.


I only want the meat
Not feeling up for all the carbs at dinner? “I only want the meat, thanks!” You get where I’m going with this.


That hit the spot
Great meal, great intimate romp: “That hit the spot!”


Friends join us for dinner
Maybe you’re picking your kids up after school and one of them has a friend tagging along. “Would your friend like to join us for dinner?” Or, maybe you’re into that kind of thing in the bedroom.


Just eat it already
Stop staring at your food. “Just eat it already!” Same goes for men behind closed doors, thanks.


keep the food coming
“Oh, those ribs are delicious. Keep ’em coming.” Later that night you may find yourself saying the same thing.