20+ Signs That Failed So Hard, They Almost Won

Ever driven by a marquee sign, advertisement, or shop sign that didn’t seem quite right? How about an awfully worded note posted in a public place? From terribly thought out design, to misspelled words, I’ve compiled over 20 of the most hilarious sign fails – enjoy!

20+ Signs That Failed So Hard, They Almost Won

New 2018 Hair Trend?

Those Aren’t Healthy For You, Baby!

Oh Boy…

So Where Do I Enter?


Please Stop

Sasa Lele


You’ll Be Fine

Smart And Books Toys

I Wonder If This Is A Food Mart?

One Buy, Free Two

Ticket or Ass

#$1 Free

We’re You’re Not ‘Til Not

You Are Allowed Not To Take


Not Above Allison, Apparently

I Wonder If They’re Hiring

I Would Never Do That To My Dog

If You Hard, Then You Hard

Thanks, Tesco

Did They Read This Out Loud?


Another Confusing Entrance

Very Helpful

Ming is So Smart and Socially Conscious

They Had ONE Job

What’s the worst sign fail you’ve ever seen? Any worse than these?