Maybe we rely a little too much on autocorrect. Sure, it’s a useful tool for catching spelling errors and sometimes it’ll even point out to you when you’ve misplaced a comma or an apostrophe. But these corrections lull us into a false sense of security. We begin to believe that if autocorrect didn’t find any problems then our document must be good to go. And when you start to believe that, all kinds of unbelievable mistakes get made.

24 Unbelievable Typos That Somebody Should Have Caught

#1: When Your Wife is Entirely Too Slow

#2: A Gentle Face Indeed

#3: Attention All Job-Seekers

#4: McDonald’s Has Changed the Menu

#5: Seafood Gone Wrong

#6: A New Form of Punishment

#7: When You Need a Catchy Intro

#8: I Think I’ll Pass

#9: Bronx Employees Stepping Up Their Game

#10: His Mom and Dad Should Be So Proud

#11: When Politics Gets Complicated

#12: What Not To Say To Your Spouse