Apologies can be hard, especially when you don’t feel like you’ve wronged someone. These apology notes expertly blend a “heartfelt” sorry with a bit of humor to lighten the mood. If you’ve done something dumb lately, maybe you can use some of these tricks to make it right. Or it you’re just in need of a laugh, these will do the trick.

26 Hilarious Apology Notes

#1: For Times When Your Fridge Becomes a Doctor’s Office

#2: For When They Seem Better Off Than You

#3: For When Your New Martial Arts Moves Go Awry

#4: For When You Messed Up Your Friend’s Sheets and Didn’t Bother to Change ‘Em


#5: For When Horse Play Gets Real

#6: For When Bugs Invade Your Life

#7: For When It’s That Time of The Month

#8: For When You Get That Sugar Rush


#9: For When Your To-Do List Was Just Too Long

#10: For When Those Poop Sweats Hit at Work

#11: For When the Left-overs Looked Too Good

#12: For When Bacon is the Only Thing That Makes Sense