It’s New Year’s resolutions time! If you’re among the 40% of Americans that make resolutions, then good for you! Dream big! However, even with the best intentions, statistics show that only about 8% of people actually achieve their goals. Oof! Here are a handful of memes to show the reality of resolutions.

27 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up the Struggle of New Year’s Resolutions

#1: It’s tough when you’re at a crossroads.

#2: Would you like sugar on the rim?

#3: This year is going be…different!

#4: You can’t defy Cookie Monster.

#5: Try making realistic goals for a change.


#6: Going to this gym might actually work for me.


#7: Dry up those tears buttercup.

#8: You might also put “be humble” on your list.

#9: Why or why do they sell Girl Scout cookies in January?

#10: Don’t forget to check the fine print.

#11: It’s finally time to start tackling them.