If you haven’t downloaded an app like Wish.com, Overstock or Zulily yet, you’re missing out on some serious deals. These sites are basically a bunch of eBay stores, but nearly everything is wholesale from China — a.k.a, it’s all super cheap. Some items are even free.

But, as those who dabble in Wish.com already know, this site has some seriously wacky stuff to buy. Here are our top picks for wacky holiday gifts this season.

Disclaimer: Most of these products will almost definitely not arrive by Hanukkah or Christmas, so…


#1: Penis Squishy Toy

For all the times you’re so stressed that you have to squish an incredibly small and somehow cute penis.

#2: Duck Beak Muzzle

It’s the cute way of shutting your pup up.

#3: Phone Mount Snack Bowl

Or, you know, you could just buy a television.

#4: Butt Enhancing Underwear

The modern woman’s Spanx.


#5: Magnetic Weight Loss Toe Ring

Never thought you’d read all of those words to describe one thing, huh?

#6: Gloves With Claws

These seem impractical and unnecessary — the exact recipe for stocking stuffers!

#7: Horse Scene Wall Decal

It’s called feng shui. Look it up.

#8: Wall Outlet Space Heater

Burning the house down is my favorite Christmas tradition.


#9: Eyebrow Stamps

For those busy mornings.

Breast Enhancing Vacuum

Please, for the love of baby Jesus, do not put this on your body.