33 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

Have you ever read an article on Wiki-How? If you have, you’ve almost certainly noticed that their illustrations are less than illustrious…

The subreddit Disney Vacation is an ever-growing, comprehensive archive of wiki-how’s most poorly drawn images, complete with new titles that will make you bust your gut laughing!

Please enjoy these 33 out of context, poorly drawn wiki-how images.

33 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

How to Add a Secret Ingredient to your Lemonade Stand

How to Admit that you Can’t do Basic Math

How to Ask for Breast Enhancements

How to Assert Dominance Using Only Whale Noises

How to Avoid Hitting People with your Head-Mounted Light Fixture

How to be “Down with the Kids”

How to be ‘THAT GUY’ at the Gym

How to be a Good Sport when your Blind Uncle Takes you Fishing

How to be an Effective Calculator Salesman

How to Sing Back-Up Vocals for your Dog

How to Become a Pokémon Trainer