Are you one of those people who can’t resist watching those “genius life hack” videos when they show up in your social media feed? Sometimes those creative approaches to life’s problems really are useful and amazing. But other times it’s just so obvious that buying some nail polish remover at the Dollar Tree is going to be way simpler (and cheaper) than making your own concoction at home. And then there are those life hacks born out of incredible laziness which move you beyond the borders of genius into the land of wacko funniness.

33 Lazy Life Hacks That Will Get You Laughing

#1 Not even Mom can argue with that logic.

#2 We think it’s time to just get a new clock.

#3 Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better” slogan is practically an open invitation to steal their shopping carts for backyard BBQ’s.

#4 Props to this dude.

#5 What was that, honey? You wanted a flatscreen?

#6 Serving tennis balls on the court and ravioli in the kitchen.

#7 Look Ma, no hands!

#8 Don’t change the sock, change the foot.

#9 When you’re tired of buying another forking razor.

#10 Not efficient, but effective.

#11 How do we like our eggs? With our coffee.