The Disney theme parks are a wonder of the world, drawing nearly 150 million “guests” every year to their parks around the globe. They are truly places full of wonder . . . and mystery. I mean, have you ever prepared for an adventure trip to Disney World? It’s bloody insanity. And yet, somehow, the siren call of Cinderella’s Castle brings you back, towing overstuffed strollers and kids on leashes, over and over to wait in 2-hour lines for the bathroom and 5-minute rides. But you’ve paid your royal tribute to the Magic Kingdom——amounting to your child’s first year of college——in passes, travel, and hotels, and you’re now free to play. Until you get hungry, and the price of lunch could support a school of orphans in the Sudan. Yes, there is some kind of black magic happening at the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” And you love it. If you’re a Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom enthusiast, then these memes are sure to make you laugh.

34 Memes Every Disneyland Enthusiast Will Find Funny