Whether you want to avoid crowds, forgot a gift, are really lazy, or just don’t like that uncle of yours, your local drug store can be a gold-mine for holiday shopping. This list barely scratches the surface of items you could get away with this holiday season. We searched a handful of pharmacies and came up with a well-rounded guide for you below with options for all ages and genders. Happy shopping!


40 Emergency Holiday Gifts You Can Buy at Your Local Drug Store

#1 Shaving Essentials

holiday shaving gifts
Razors, all-in-one shaving groomers, or gift sets are among the items you’ll stumble upon at your local pharmacy. Nothing wrong with helping people stay presentable.

#2 Waterpik

waterpik holiday gifts
These little gadgets can get costly, so gifting one to a friend or family member may actually be appreciated. Their pearly whites will thank you. You’ll find a variety of brands to choose from.

#3 Cologne or Perfume

Perfume Holiday Gifts
You’ll find a display with some popular scents. They may cost you a little more, but it’s an emergency and you’re paying for it. This is also a perfect gift for that cousin that kind of smells, but nobody wants to tell her.

#4 Facial Hair Removers

facial hair remover
Here’s a suggestion: Don’t give this one to someone you don’t know too well.

#5 Hair Dryer

hair dryer holiday gifts
Hair dryers are great gifts for granddaughters, cousins in their teen years, or even your mom.

#6 Massaging Heat Wraps

massaging heat wraps
This one is perfect for that relative that’s always complaining about their back. Not only did you get them an emergency gift, but it looks like you pay attention to their achy complaints, too. Double points.

#7 Make-up

make-up holiday gifts
It’s not Sephora, but who cares. You can find a ton of make-up at your local pharmacy. And not just cheap stuff. Go big with lip liners, glosses, foundation, toner, self-tanners, and eyeliner. Pair those with a little make-up bag, and you’ll start wondering why you don’t do all of your holiday shopping at the drug store.

#8 Gift Cards

gift cards
The gift that never fails you. Unless you get a gift card to a store they absolutely hate. Then you suck.

#9 Ornaments

ornaments holiday gifts
This can be a really personal and sweet option as a last minute gift or stocking stuffer. They’re great for customizing. For example, “Best Grandpa.” Or even calling out special moments, like “Baby’s First Christmas.”

#10 Facial Masks

face masks emergency holiday gifts
Charcoal, green tea, mud… The options are endless, and pretty cheap, but with that fancy feel to them.

#11 Hand Soap

handsoap holiday gifts
Nothing says Happy Holidays like clean hands. You’ll see hand soaps are becoming an incredibly popular option these days.

#12 Loofas, Bath Brushes, Exfoliating Mitts

bath gift sets
Grab a body wash and a gift bag and you’re all set.

#13 Toy Cars

toy card holiday gifts
This one is a no-brainer. Pair it with another toy on the list. All set now.

#14 Crayons and Coloring Book

crayons holiday gifts
A timeless classic. They’ve even got coloring books for adults, so it’s a gift for all ages.

#15 Candles

candles holiday gifts
Grab a holiday scent, throw in a gift card, stick it in a gift bag. What did that take, like five minutes? Drug store shopping rocks.

#16 DVDs

dvds holiday gifts
Yes, everyone streams video these days, but maybe not your parents. Expect to pay a little more for DVDs at the drug store, but sometimes it’s worth it if you come across a movie you haven’t seen in ages. This could make for a sentimental gift.