All-New Renaissance-Like Photos

Renaissance paintings often have the flair of the dramatic. Heaven knows life is full of drama, so here are 18 photos that could be paintings by the great masters – enjoy!

All- New Accidental Renaissance – 18 Renaissance-Like Photos!

Intoxicated, Proud, and on an Adrenaline Rush, Receiving Help After Stabbing their Foot through a Fence Spike


Linda in Majesty

Caught in a Storm


Old Mosque in Cairo

Oranges Photographed Through the Panes of a Greenhouse

Passion of the Cruz

Portrait of a Partygoer

Rage of the Sea


The Fallen

Sanitation Workers Strike – Rio de Janeiro

Romeo and Julet

St. Dad

Story Teller

The Baker

The Breadmaker

The subreddit Accidental Renaissance is chock-full of images similar to these – check it out!