A *Racy* Saturday Roundup of All My Favorite Memes & Things (NSFW)

Every day, I gather together all my favorite things into my morning and evening roundups. Those posts are filled with things meant to make you laugh, think, smile and debate. I also try to keep those collections *fairly* family-friendly so that anyone and everyone can enjoy them. But, c’mon…

A lot of the funniest things I find are a little more on the RACY side: f-bombs, sexual innuendo, and all that good stuff. Instead of skipping over those finds completely (and since a lot of us do laugh at these kinds of things as much as the next awesome person), I’ve included them in a single weekly (or semi-weekly) roundup. That’s what this is.

Go ahead. Laugh. Snicker. Send ’em to your friends. Life isn’t all flowers and gum balls and classy things.


I had no idea penguins and elves knew this dance…

NOPE. Nopenopenope

Life is good, friends. Life is fucking good. Thanks for laughing at all the inappropriate things with me.

Oh, and if you’re going to do awesome things (ahem) on awesome beds, you’re gonna wanna be doing those awesome things on THIS bed for sure.

For real. You all need this awesomeness in your lives. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Purple bed. Watch that actual video, and check it out here.