Forbidden Snacks: More Toxic Things That Look Delicious!

I know you all witnessed the calamity that was the Tide Pod Craze… if you were a fan of all that hilarity (and stupidity) then you’ll certainly enjoy this post!

Here are over 15 toxic or inedible items that look as if they’d be a tasty treat! Please… don’t eat these things. You’ll die.

Forbidden Snacks: Over 15 *All New* Toxic Things That Look Delicious!

Forbidden Chip

Forbidden Cotton Candy

Forbidden Fruit-By-The-Foot (Velcro Strips)

Forbidden Fudgesicle

Forbidden Ground Beef

Forbidden Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher

Forbidden Marshmallows

Forbidden Pear

Forbidden Pineapples