Forbidden Snacks: All-New Toxic Things That Look Delicious!

I know you all witnessed the calamity that was the Tide Pod Craze… if you were a fan of all that hilarity (and stupidity) then you’ll certainly enjoy this post!

Here are over 15 toxic or inedible items that look as if they’d be a tasty treat! Please… don’t eat these things. You’ll die.

Forbidden Snacks: 18 All-New Toxic Things That Look Delicious!

Forbidden Milk

Forbidden Bread

Forbidden Bread

Forbidden Chocolate Syrup

Forbidden Lifesavers

Forbidden Peeled Carrot

Forbidden Pizza

Forbidden Rainbow Candy

Forbidden Raspberry

Forbidden Salad (Leaf Bugs)

Forbidden Sliced Mango

Forbidden Stuffing

Forbidden Tea Bags

Forbidden Avocado

Forbidden Candy

Forbidden Corn on the Cob

Forbidden Grapes

Forbidden S’mores

Which looks most appetizing to you?