Some of the people who scroll through this post will see faces and expressions in every single one of them. Others will scratch their heads wondering what it is other people are seeing. And neither person will understand how the other so obviously can or can’t see the same things.

If you see faces in the following things, you may have a psychological condition called Pareidolia. According to Wiki, “Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadow, as faces.”

From angry purses, evil shadows, chipper vegetables, and alarmed buildings, these faces are seen by some people everywhere, in everything.




Here’s an amazing batch of the hilarious, weird, quirky, snarky, happy faces we’ve found on the internet so far! Feel free to submit your own in the comments over on Facebook!

Pareidolia: 50 Faces Hidden in Everyday Things

This excitable fella…

Trump? Is that you?

Dino head, anyone?

His eyes!

This adorable guy.

I’m sure he couldn’t care less.

Hey, he’s just happy to be here.

Me, too, my dude.

Easy there…

Still after that acorn, I’m certain.

I’d be scared, too!


Hands UP!

Do work, do work.


So baked.

He has stories to tell.

I think he’s a bit numb to the circumstances


Is he distraught, or in awe?


I. Am. Froot.

Jabba the Ham

Happy food is happy.

This purse is just thrilled to be here.

And this building couldn’t be happier.

But this guy…don’t trust him.

He’s just happy to be doing his job.



He’s seen some things.

Hello, yes, I’d like to be purchased, thanks.

I’m pretty sure this dude had one drink too many.

Goodest boy.

Hey there, cowboy.



Not sure what exactly is going on here…

Indifferent cap.

Jam on, man!

It looks so cuddly!


Yeah…something ticked this one off.

I dare you…

Don’t even think about it.

Back off, bumper humper!


I’m not sure what they’ve witnessed…

They seem to know they’re next…

Get that needle away from me!


So… Do you see faces? Do you possibly have Pareidolia?