Old School Cool – 18 All-New Vintage Images

I love the past. One of my favorite hobbies is going thrifting. I especially love all the old family photos that get sent to thrift stores – they’re little glimpses into dead stranger’s lives, and for some reason I love the nostalgia and morbidity of it all.

The subreddit Old School Cool is an ever-growing database of the coolest vintage images. I’ve compiled 18 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

Old School Cool – 18 All-New Vintage Images

1885 – Ella Hattan, AKA “Jaguarina,” One of the Greatest Swordsmen of the 19th Century

A Customized Car Advertises Black Cat Cigarettes, Circa 1915

Cyndi Lauper & Pee Wee Herman Play Putt-Putt in the 1980’s

Fridtjof Nansen – Norwegian Explorer, Scientist, Diplomat, Humanitarian, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1890’s

Gay Ball, Berlin, 1920’s

Gay Bob, 1977

General Motors Technical Center, 1956

Bruce Willis, 1980’s

Margaret Hamilton, Lead Software Engineer of the Apollo Project, Stands Next to the Code she Wrote by Hand that was Used to Take Humanity to the Moon, 1969

Nirvana in the Pool During the “Nevermind” Photoshoot (1991)

Pablo Picasso in his Studio, 1956

Public Playground, Early 1900’s

Riding Skate Coasters Down a Street in San Fransisco, 1952

Street Dancing in China, 1980’s

Testing the 1st Bullet-Proof Vest, Protective Garment Company, 1923

The Zoot Suit, 1940’s

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Reading MAD Magazine, 1967

Women Boxing on a Roof, 1930’s

Too cool for school!