Old School Ridiculous – All-New Laughable Images From Times Gone By

The subreddit Old School Ridiculous is an ever-growing database of the most laughable vintage images and trends. I’ve compiled 18 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

Old School Ridiculous – 18 All-New Laughable Images From Times Gone By

Plastic Face Protection from Snowstorms in Montreal, Canada, 1939

Playing Volleyball on Stilts at Venice Beach, California, June 1934

Poker Game, Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida, 1951

Prickly Cactus Bikini, 1940’s

Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, 1954

Ringling Bros Circus Clowns Stuffed into a Car, NYC 1977

Sack O’ Sauce In A Can O’ Meat (1950)

Smallest Bar in the World, End of the Trail Cocktail Lounge in Klamath, California, 1960’s

Smoking a Giant Pipe at the Yale University Pipe Smoking Contest, 1959

Spiral Costume from the Triadic Ballet, 1926

The Isolator by Hugo Gernsback, 1925

The Me-T – 1970’s

The Open-Front Shirt for Men

The Questionable Fashion of the “Freckleproof” Cape, 1930’s

The Winner of the Miss Atomic Bomb Pageant, 1950

Valentine’s Day Heart Hairdo, 1965

Vanderbilt’s Costume Ball, NYC, 1883 – Dead Cat Hat and “Puss” Collar

Wool Nose Warmer, 1960’s

What were our sweet forefathers thinking?!