Old School Creepy – 17 All-New Bone-Chilling Vintage Photos

Some things are better left in the past… these 18 photos are proof of that!

Old School Creepy – 17 All-New Bone-Chilling Vintage Photos

Mardi Gras, circa 1950

1920’s Swimmer Mask

1939 – Child Poses with the 1st Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Costumes

A Cat Wearing a Mask Sitting at a Table, c. 1800’s

A Creepy Snowman in Istabul, 1929

A Japanese Anatomical Doll Covered with Human Skin from the 1600’s/1700’s

A Mother and Child Wear Gas Masks in the French Countryside, 1918

A Mother had this Grave Designed for her Deceased 10-Year-Old Daughter in 1871. In Life, the Daughter was Terrified of Storms, so on Stormy Nights, the Mother would Crawl into the Special Chamber in this Grave to “Comfort” her Daughter

A Patient Undergoing Experimental Electrical Stimulation in 1856

Child with a Mask and a Doll, 1961

Grandpa’s Beard

He’s “Skinny Bones”, a Toy from Marx Toy Company, 1970’s

Inuit Mask, 19th Century

Mass Grave of Clowns from the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, 1918

The Signature of Guy Fawkes Before and After Torture

This is how Syphilis Looked Before Penicillin – Victorian Woman with Wounds on her Face Caused by Syphilis, 1890’s

Vintage Japanese Mask

The subreddit Old School Creepy is a great place to find all the creepiest vintage photos! Check it out!