It’s about time I did another Wrong Numbers post! I don’t know why I don’t collect them more often; it’s one of my favorite things to do here on SDL.

Once again I plunked on my couch, went on a “Friends” binge-watching spree, and began texting random numbers one simple question: “what is going to make this the BEST year of your life?”

I had a feeling this one would bring in quite a few varied responses, and it certainly did. Responses, which, show humaning (and so many sides of it) as it is. Enjoy.

Most of those I sent it to either didn’t reply or simply told me I had the wrong number. This screen capture (from the first Wrong Numbers post) pretty much sums up those ones:

85% of replies:


Some replies were a little (or a lot) more incredible, hilarious, or powerful than that.

Here is another batch of them, which I thought were the perfect mix of responses.














The people of this world…

I love them. Happy, sad, broken, mad. I love them.

Dan Pearce, From My Single Dad Laughing Blog