Saturday, September 14, 2019
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Cozy Cabins – 18 of the Comfiest Woodland Retreats!

Tired of the daily grind? Why not escape to the wooded mountains for some peace and tranquility? Perhaps these photos will provide you with a sense of peace!

A New Batch of the Most Oddly Specific Shirts That Have...

Sometimes, targeted ads can get a little TOO specific. Here are 18 *MORE* of the most Oddly-Specific Shirts that have ever existed!

18 *MORE* of the Strangest Headlines You’ll Ever See!

The news these days seems to be filled with sadness and violence, but every so often, I come across a headline so utterly weird, it makes me laugh out loud.

Crappy Off-Brands – 30 *MORE* Hilariously Bad Knock-Off Products!

Companies that aren't as popular will try anything to emulate the favored products...Here are 30 *MORE* of the WORST knock-off brands you'll ever see!

18 *MORE* of the Funniest Translation Fails on Foreign Menus and...

English is a difficult language to learn. Here are over 15 menus and signs that got lost somewhere along the way from their native tongue to English... Enjoy!

18 *MORE* of the Funniest, Strangest, and Most Relatable Vintage Headlines

Here are over 15 *MORE* hilarious vintage newspaper headlines and articles - you might just agree that humans haven't changed that much in the past few decades!

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50 Hilarious Halloween Costumes That’ll Even Make Pun Lovers Groan

Get your voice ready to start laughing and groaning because these 50 puntastic Halloween costumes bring puns to a whole new eye-rolling awesome level.
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37 Satisfying Memes For Anyone Who Has Ever Had A Horrible...

When you have a bad boss work goes from being a sort-of-OK place, to a place where everything seems sprinkled with garbage and pain. These 37 memes won't fix your boss, but they'll definitely make you laugh.

42 Memes For Anyone Who Loves A Good Drink

In beer there is freedom. In wine there is health. In cognac there is power. And in water there is bacteria, soooooooooooo. 😉

25 Cowboy Memes For Anyone Who Loves Those Country Boys

There's something about a country boy with his rugged good looks and his gentlemanly ways. He works hard, plays well, and loves soft. All the things a woman wants. Hats of to all the good ole' country boys... and for the rest of us, enjoy!

Kids Uncensored: 40 Hilarious and Eyebrow-Raising Kid Quotes

I asked you, "what is the funniest thing you've ever heard a kid say?" Your answers did not disappoint. These 40 hilarious (and sometimes just plain wrong) quotes were my faves.

40 *MORE* Gorgeous Illustrations of Hilda: The Forgotten Plus-Size Pinup Girl...

Meet Hilda. The happily plump, pleasing, and energetic redhead who was not shy about showing off her extra curves for calendars and magazines between 1950 and 1980.

33 Memes For People Who Are Never *Not* Tired

You just can't ever seem to get enough sleep. No matter what you do. Even when you *do* get more than 8 hours, you feel like a zombie the next day. Is it too much to ask to not have any responsibilities other than catching up on some good zzzzzzz's!?

50 More of The Most Embarrassing Things Blurted Out By Kids

Kids... they don't have the same filters we do, as is evidenced by these hilarious true stories of kids blurting the funniest things out to others!

27 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up the Struggle of New Year’s...

Did you know that only 8% of New Year's resolutions are kept each year? But you'll probably be one of the 8%, right?