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The perfect gift, a little psychology: The 6 golden rules

The perfect gift


It seems obvious when looking for a gift idea: we do not give just any gift to just anyone! Here are the 6 golden rules to guarantee you give the perfect gift :

Do not offer money

Unless you are a grandparent and have a dozen or so grandchildren to spoil, avoid giving money as much as possible. It’s impersonal, and it makes it seem like you didn’t want to spend time looking for what would make that person happy.

Hobbies and passions

The first step in finding a gift is to think about what the recipient likes. Feel free to make a list of their tastes and interests, then compare them and, if possible, combine them!

A bit of espionage

If despite everything, you are still having a hard time getting an idea, you can always take a little tour on social networks to see what this person liked recently, if they entered a contest to win something or explicitly. expressed that she would like to have this or that.

Ask for advice

Just because you are going to ask the person’s friends or family what would make them happy doesn’t mean that your gift will be less valuable. On the contrary, you took the trouble to get information from her relatives, proof that she matters to you.

Be creative

Once you’ve found the gift, don’t rest on your laurels! Feel free to create original packaging, organize a treasure hunt for the recipient to find, or put concert tickets or plane tickets in a large box to mislead them.

A few words of love

Whatever gift you are going to give, it will be even more valuable if you slip a little note into it. Nice declaration of love, little joke, encouragement, your words will be as important as the gift.

Be careful, we do not present you with a vulgar paper notebook, the kind where you write down your shopping list. With its leather cover tanned in Austria, this notebook with refillable pages is a true luxury product. It will welcome the thoughts, ideas and drawings of anyone who loves beautiful objects a little.

When you are a beer lover, can there be a better beer than the one you made yourself? This 4-hour course supervised by a master brewer offers to create your own beer in Paris, then to leave with no less than 40 bottles of 50 cl at home! And we can even come in pairs! Hoppers at heart will appreciate it.

Erupting volcanoes, plants to grow, dinosaurs to color? This is what Pandacraft offers you, a monthly box for children from 3 to 7 years old. On the program, a magazine on the theme of the month, a fun activity and an application to learn more on the subject. This box, as educational as it is fun, will delight children!

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