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Quick personal loan: where and how to get it?

personal loan


The personal loan is a classic product of consumer credit. Most of the time without proof of project, it corresponds to an outright need for money . All the major credit players (specialist organizations, banks, insurers) have personal credit solutions. But they are far from all offering a quick personal loan. So we went around the market.

Where to get a quick personal loan?

You have to turn to credit organizations to get a quick personal loan . Applying for credit online is indeed the safest way to get an immediate policy response. Traditional banks rarely have the means to express themselves quickly. They still often require a physical meeting before hoping to have an answer. Above all, banks often reserve their credits only for customers, in particular those not to be lost.The issue of rapid credit is at the heart of the competition between the different credit organizations. For example, the specialist Younited Credit has strengthened its credibility by ensuring a final response within 24 hours. Our study of the Younited Credit personal loan indicates, however, that the specialist cannot claim to offer the best rate . Most of the best players in consumer credit are able to validate a pre-accepted, signed and completed credit agreement within 48 hours

What is the minimum time to receive the money?

The minimum legal period before receiving the money from the fastest credit is always 8 days , like any consumer credit. Let’s list the steps for a quick personal loan application, in order to estimate as accurately as possible the time needed before actually getting the money in your account.

100% online personal loan application

This step only takes a few minutes, which is the time needed to find a good rate and ensure that the application is accepted. The personal loan request without proof of use also includes the electronic signature, and the sending of the requested documents. Do not confuse personal loan without reason for use and without supporting documents.

Final response from the organization

The credit organization provides a rapid final response to any loan request. This period corresponds on average to 48 hours.
Waiting period before payment
This period corresponds to 7 calendar days for all consumer loans, of which the rapid personal loan is part. Therefore, an organization cannot transfer funds before the eighth day.

Bank delay / receipt of funds

The bank delay is on average 48 hours, more or less fast depending on the bank.
It takes a minimum of 10 to 12 days before getting the money for a quick personal loan. This period corresponds to the best case, when the request is accepted directly and the chosen organization allows everything to be signed online. Using a credit comparator with an immediate response in principle makes it possible to avoid being faced with a refused loan application.

Quick personal credit does not preclude the best rate

Looking for a quick personal loan doesn’t mean giving up on the best APR rate . Our credit comparator avoids wasting time by interviewing the best organizations after filling out the project form. When the probability of obtaining a loan at the best rate is low (<5%), it is always possible that the second best organization is more inclined to respond favorably, as in our example (> 80%).

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