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What Are the Usual Accessories Used for Competition Handguns?

Competition Handguns


The most obvious requirement for a competitive pistol is dependability. A gun jam is the last thing you want to happen in the middle of a competition. Therefore, when looking for a competition pistol, safety is the most critical factor. Formula 1 pistols have single-action triggers, extended magazines that hold 28 rounds, and adjustable triggers. You may need to upgrade and accessorize your weapon depending on the sort of handgun you already own.

Holosun handgun accessories.

Holosun competition handgun accessories include a variety of sights and laser illuminators. Holosun has progressed from a low-cost Chinese red dot optic to one of the leading pistol optic companies. They also have unique features, including shake-to-wake, external battery trays, and replaceable outer reticle rings. Holosun also makes accessories such as flashlights, magazines, and weapon stands.

ELS kits

ELS kits for competition handguns can be a great way to increase accuracy in your shooting. With this technology, you can easily change magazines without reloading your gun. The system is versatile and can adapt to any rig, from open to limited divisions. The kits have four different mounting configurations and a 90-degree adjustment for mag pouches. They make the entire process much easier, and you can even change the handgun during a competition without disassembling your rig.

QLS kits

The QLS quick-locking system is a standard attachment for competition handguns. Its components include a QLS 19 locking fork, a QLS 22 receiver plate, and hardware. It is sold separately from the holster, but the holster itself can be purchased with one or both pieces. The QLS 19 locking fork is compatible with the Safariland 3-hole pattern holster and is famous for competition shooters.


Many holsters are constructed of synthetic materials, which are durable and relatively inexpensive. Some are designed with mechanical locking mechanisms for leverage and security. Most have multiple retention systems and a thumb strap. They can be aesthetically pleasing, or they can match your gear. Choose the type that fits your needs best. It may take some time to narrow down your options, but finding the right holster for your competition handgun is well worth the effort.

Pistols with shoulder stock

Most handguns may be fitted with shoulder stocks. For example, the Luger P08 “Artillery Pistol” comes with a wooden manufactured holster and an improvised buttstock. In addition, grip modules with built-in folding stocks are available from several aftermarket manufacturers for popular semiautomatic handguns.

Mini red dot sights

The popularity of mini red dot sights is increasing, especially among competitors. They are small and can be mounted anywhere on the gun. While competitive shooters have long used them, they have also gained widespread acceptance for duty and everyday carry. There are many different varieties available, each with its characteristics and features.


Competition handguns come with various accessories, and chronographs are one of them. These accessories measure the muzzle velocity of bullets, allowing you to choose the suitable bullet cartridges for multiple distances. Chronographs are necessary for accurate data. Listed below are the standard accessories that are used with competition handguns.

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