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4 Benefits of Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt Driveways


There are many benefits of mining goods and one of them is petroleum which can be processed into asphalt. Asphalt is actually shaped like a thick liquid, black in color, adhesive and resistant to water. As a hydrocarbon material, asphalt is often used as a binder for stones and other mixtures to be used as road coatings. There are three types of asphalt, the first is natural asphalt taken from stone asphalt, petroleum distillation asphalt which is the most widely used type of asphalt and the last is modified asphalt. Each type of asphalt has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the most widely used today is the type of asphalt from petroleum distillation because its application is much easier, while stone asphalt has limited resources and modified asphalt must first pass a laboratory test to determine produce asphalt with the right texture.Gravel driveways are cheap, but they are at risk for potholes and erosion. Concrete is sturdy, but the price tag attached is daunting. If you want an upgrade that is easy on the wallet (and easy on the eyes), consider asphalt.

1. More Than a Fair-Weather Friend

Asphalt is great for areas with harsh winters. Unlike gravel, it won’t wear away when the plow comes through, and come springtime, heavy rains won’t wash it away. Asphalt also beats out concrete for enduring winter weather, as it is less affected by the caustic nature of road salt and won’t be ruined by colder temperatures. The dark color of asphalt also means it heats up quickly and will help melt ice.

2. Cost-Effective

Driveway asphalt paving Pittsburgh PA costs nearly half the price of concrete. When a crack happens or it’s time to reseal, maintenance can be done by homeowners themselves without having to contact a contractor. With proper care, asphalt driveways can last up to 30 years, which is only 10 years less than what’s estimated for concrete.

3. Attractive and Stain-resistant

If you spill motor oil and grease from vehicle maintenance on a dirt or gravel driveway, you run the risk of contaminating groundwater. Asphalt keeps spills contained and easier to clean up. Not only that, but the black color of asphalt hides stains and repaired patches. On concrete, such things become glaring and lasting imperfections. Overall, the black color of asphalt just plain looks more inviting and cozy compared to grey and impersonal concrete.

4. Easy To Recycle and Reuse

A fun fact about asphalt is that it can be recycled. If you find yourself needing to resurface your driveway, you’re not sending waste to a landfill. The chipped-away layer can be sent for processing and be reused in other projects.

If you’re tired of the ruts and grooves of a gravel driveway but think concrete is too steep of an investment, asphalt is more than a middle ground. It stands on its own with efficiency and resilience.

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