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Decluttering Tips to Make Your Orlando, Florida Backyard an Oasis

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 Having plenty of outdoor amenities to create a backyard oasis is a homeowner’s dream. But when your backyard is overrun by clutter, it can feel less like an oasis and more like a mess.  With a bit of decluttering, you can refresh your outdoor space and make your Orlando, Florida home a peaceful oasis.

Top real estate agents in Orlando, Florida have seen an increase in the value of swimming pools in their market since the summer of 2020. While backyard swimming pools are a common upgrade among single-family homeowners in Orlando, Florida, they require a lot of tools to keep them clean. Ensure that your pool area stays free from clutter by designating a storage area for cleaning supplies. Use the area to safely put away chemicals such as chlorine and shock as well as pool skimmers and vacuum. Keep the area locked, especially if there are children in the home. Keep a separate area for pool toys such as floaties, noodles, and dive toys. These can be stored in an outdoor weatherproof container or separate shed so they can be safely and easily accessed by guests and children.

Working in the garden benefits your physical and mental health. But if your backyard is cluttered with unused pots, shovels, and rakes, you may end up more stressed out by clutter.  Declutter your gardening tools by throwing them away along with broken and unused pots.  Next, create an organization system. If you have a usable shed, you can hang your tools on a wall and stack pots neatly below them. If you do not have a shed, invest in a potting station where you can hide pots and neatly hang tools.

Outdoor living areas are extremely popular. In fact, home sellers who add a deck to their backyard in 2022 can expect an increase of over $6,000 to their final sales price. A deck with a shade element and a well-kept outdoor living area should be highlighted by keeping the area decluttered.  Use a dedicated space for seating with an outdoor rug and two to three pieces of outdoor furniture. Limit cushions and throws and get rid of unnecessary furniture accents. Keep decor simple with a few potted plants and a strand or two of outdoor lights.

For more tips on how to beautify your outdoor space, check out the infographic below!composite wood siding

Infographic provided by New Tech Wood America, Inc, a composite wood siding company

Cooking outdoors is a favorite of many Florida homeowners. Keep your cooking area decluttered by ensuring there is enough cabinet and drawer space in your outdoor kitchen.  If you are limited in space, create an area to hang grill utensils after using them. Don’t leave used trays or plates lying around.  Instead, have an area for these types of cooking necessities as well as an area for an oven mitt, hand towels, and grill cleaning tools.

Declutter your outdoor space one section at a time. Find containers, sheds, and cabinetry where you can hide away tools and supplies. Decluttering your outdoor space will make it more peaceful and will keep it looking beautiful year-round.

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