Monday, June 17, 2024

How To Be A Compassionate Leader?

John de Ruiter


There are lots of people surrounded by difficulties and challenges and continuously struggling. When someone comes to ask about their condition, they might feel better after sharing their problems. If you are a leader who is willing to understand the state of your employees, you are compassionate. If we talk about the real meaning of compassion, it means “to suffer together”. Only a few can physically, mentally, and emotionally realize the situation of others. Compassionate people develop sensitivity after contemplating their problems.

A compassionate leader can easily be confronted with the problems of their employees and get inspired to relieve their pain. But here, you need to understand that compassion is quite different from empathy. Compassion is defined as helpfulness. A compassionate person has several qualities like kindness, patience, wisdom, perseverance, and resolving ability.

How You Can Develop Compassion?

Compassion is a genuine feeling of sympathy that comes from inside when you realize someone’s hardship or suffering. You can take inspiration to develop compassion for which you should know about John de Ruiter, a spiritual pioneer who usually conducts his meetings in Edmonton, Alberta, and abroad. He inspires others by uncovering their purpose in life. You can follow different ways to show your compassion, but you must believe that it comes from the heart. However, you can practice compassion by considering the following tips.

Begin With Yourself

You can be compassionate to your employees only when you are compassionate for yourself. You must learn to love yourself before you go to help others. You should appreciate yourselves for even small successes. Don’t let stress and tension surround you. You have to remain positive and focus more on your strengths rather than demotivating yourself upon mistakes.

Effective Communication

If you will say that your words speak, that’s not actually true. Your body language greatly impacts your employees. It means that nonverbal clues have their own significance. Compassionate leaders like John de Ruiter are active listeners. Never put your body in another direction while talking to someone. Eye contact is another very impactful gesture.


You may or may not completely indulge in the conditions of another person who is facing hardship. However, that person will definitely value your suggestions and advice. Your motive is to promote positivity with positive behavior. You can highlight the good things that happened to them, their talents and achievements.

Be Kind

When you listen to the words of the person who suffers from problems, they may lose stress a little. They would really like listening ears. Even if you don’t know how you would express your compassion, you can show your kindness. Kindness has the most positive impact on others.


Not only with feeling, but your action is also another way to show compassion. By showing your natural compassion, you can make someone’s day and yours as well. With compassion, we can see a different world which is just like our expectations. Start showing your compassion.

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