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How To Pick The Best Saree Fabric And Blouse For Your Body Type

Best Saree Fabric


At one point or another, sarees are indeed the uncrowned princesses of every female’s wardrobe. Almost no Indian woman can resist the allure among these 9 yards of pure beauty. It isn’t without cause, either. The appropriate choice, drape, and accessorising of a saree could completely change a woman’s appearance. They can be dressed up or down and work for a variety of events. Indian females are naturally gifted with the types of bodies which can wear sarees gracefully, but what really takes the appearance from good to fabulous is choosing the proper material of sarees thus according to one’s body type. When you pick a fabric according to your specific body type your latest organza saree would look even prettier and if not even the most expensive saree would look ordinary. 

Here is a quick guide on how to choose the ideal saree fabric for your body shape: 

Pear Shaped

Curvy hips, and shoulders that are rounded, as well as a smaller bust and waistband, are characteristics of pear-shaped bodies. Materials like chiffon as well as georgette that drape smoothly and highlight the upper portion of the body seem to be ideal for balancing off their lower bodies. One should avoid wearing a lehenga or mermaid saris, whereas a front pallu style as well as seedha pallu design drape will appear very lovely on this body type. Choose designs with flowing borders, intricate stitching, and delicate prints that are colourful, bold, and abstract. 

Apple-shaped body type

Apple-shaped physiques are characterised by a woman’s bust and stomach that are full or hefty and comparatively narrow hips. Heavy designs or decorations on silk sarees, particularly on the pallu, might work as the ideal cover-up to your upper body, harmonising the whole appearance. Choose the standard drape or even the ulta pallu. Avoid using sheer or mesh fabrics. Another trick to attempt is to choose a longer blouse top & tuck your saree in slightly higher so that your trouble areas do not show or persist. 

Athlete body frames 

Athletic body types include triangular, with a distinct rib cage, straight but equal shoulders to hips, and toned bellies. They look best in saris like organza, chanderi, brocade’s, cottons, etc. which add volume onto the body. Avoid wearing chiffon and other clingy, sheer fabrics on such an athletic person since they will highlight their slim frame. With their ability to pull off nearly all styles upon their slender frames, people with just this body type could experiment with blouse designs.

Bodies with an hourglass shape

Every lady is said to like the hourglass shape as a body shape. It has a relatively broad bust and hips but a thin waist. These ladies can wear the majority of sarees too with equal elegance and ease. Upon the body type, materials like georgettes, nets, chiffons, and perhaps even silks look stunning. Cotton also looks lovely. Blouses with deep backs and plunging necklines give this type of body type just the proper amount of oomph. 

Petite Body type

Although many Indian women appear short and thin, this shouldn’t prevent them from wearing a saree. Simply choose sarees that don’t overpower your frame. Choose plain or comparatively tiny print sarees. For just an impression of height, choose vertical prints with thin borders. For those who are tiny, heavier silk saree plus sarees with readymade designer blouse are ideal. 

Plus size- Body type

Fear not if you’re overweight or whether your build is generally on the bigger side; sarees accept everyone without any restrictions. Just try to choose hues that appear to trim you down, such as dark hues and monotones. Fabrics like Chiffons, silk, and even handloom sarees look stunning on you. Long-sleeved blouses will give your saree ensemble a sense of regal charm. Therefore, these are a few of our recommendations for choosing sarees for your body shape. Use these pointers to achieve the ideal saree image that will astound everyone. 

Finding the best Blouse to compliment your body  

The timeless traditional Indian saree rarely manages to fail and makes a woman look breathtakingly beautiful. The ever-evolving trend has made sure that women always look attractive in this lovely apparel, even if it always lends a touch of our traditions to their appearance. Additionally, saree blouses are unavoidably included while discussing saree-related fashion. 

These blouses, which come in many different styles, add just as much to a woman’s appearance as a saree. Regarding your various sarees, there are many different blouse patterns to pick from, but it’s vital to pick a pattern that best compliments your body form. It should match your personality as well as your saree. 

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a blouse that fits your type of body if you’re thinking about how to pick out the right shirt for yourself. 

Upper-heavy figure 

While it is wonderful that you have such attractive qualities, you do have some blouse-related blues when wearing a saree. Does it not? You no longer need to worry, though. All you need to do is use sound logic. Just steer clear of embroidered blouses, especially those with a lot of work mostly on the chest area because they’ll only add to your already large breasts’ weight. 

Opt instead for simple blouses made from airy materials like georgette, crepes, satins, etc. Avoid wearing huge designs and stick to wearing monochromatic blouses. Last but not least, stay away from plunging necklines as well as, if you must, consider showing off your radiant skin wearing bare-back blouses. 

Small-busted body 

Although there are various styles that will look good on you, wearing a blouse that gives the impression of a bigger bust would be ideal for you. To accomplish this, make absolutely sure your blouse seems heavily embellished or well-padded at the front. It might be a wonderful idea to conceal your neck, which will also be fairly thin, with styles including halter necks, high necks, and collar necks. For your blouses, you should choose heavier materials including velvet, tussar silk, jacquard, etc. Thankfully, you don’t have to hesitate before narrowing down the colours and designs. 

Slim and athletic build 

You don’t need to worry about being perplexed at all about the type of blouse you should wear since you possess a flawless figure that will look stunning in just about any style and pattern. You can wear any style as well as design, including halter necks, spaghetti straps, corset styles, and long-sleeve blouses. 

wide-shouldered person 

Women frequently struggle to accept their contoured broad shoulders, which leads them to make poor fashion decisions. If you also have this type of figure, then just show off your lean arms or your alluring back. To deftly hide your large shoulders, simply wear short sleeves and broader necklines.

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