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How to Sell your House Quickly in Winter

Sell your House Quickly


There is a misconception that houses sell more difficult during the cold, winter months, however, that does not necessarily have to be true. As a matter of fact, there are a few core benefits to selling a house in winter such as the fact that the market is less competitive and the only buyers who are looking are actually really serious about purchasing a property otherwise, they wouldn’t waste their holidays on viewing a property they don’t have the intention of buying. But what can you do to boost your chances of getting your house sold quickly in wintertime?

Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some tips and tricks you could use in order to win over your potential buyers and secure a fast sale despite the un attractiveness of the housing market in winter.

Tip 1: Make it Cozy

People love imagining themselves in houses they are looking to buy and one way to win them over is by creating a cozy den from your house. Wintertime is all about staying inside and enjoying time with family and friends so if you make it easy for potential buyers to envision themselves in your house being comfortable and snuggled up with a blanket in front of the fireplace, you have a high chance of winning them over.

Tip 2: Take Advantage of The Holidays

Houses look so much better with Christmas decorations on, so making sure that your home is nicely decorated and not too overwhelming can present it in a very positive light. Stripping the rooms of their Christmas cheer and lights can make the house look very empty and somewhat dull. That is why if you have viewings scheduled for prior to the holidays or closely after, the Christmas decorations could benefit you massively in influencing people’s minds positively.

Tip 3: Bake Something

Hosting your own viewings over the holidays could be a great success for you since you can ensure the house is all very welcoming and smells good. People can be easily swayed by nice aromas, and they tend to even stay longer at places that do smell good. So why don’t you bake something which reminds people of the upcoming Christmas season and gets them excited. Making mulled wine could also be a good shot. It will not only leave your whole house smell amazing, but you could also provide a hot beverage for your potential buyers. Extra special touches like this one may make buyers more likely to purchase from you.

Tip 4: Sort Out Lighting

The light is key in many situations and especially for making your house look presentable to potential buyers over the winter months. We all know that during this time, the day gets shorter and normally the sun is gone early in the afternoon already. That means that you must ensure there is enough light in your home. Whether you are hosting viewings during the day or later when it’s already dark, you can either make the most out of the natural light or alternatively ensure that artificial lights are presenting the house in a favorable way.

Tip 5: Tidy Up The Garden

Even though most people’s outdoor gardens are left unmaintained during the colder months, you don’t want to have it presented in a negative way. You must still tidy it up, take care of the landscaping and what’s more, you could also go the extra mile by transforming it into a winter wonderland. Adding fairy lights and decorative items can give your house a great look from the outside, while also making an amazing first impression with your buyers.

Even though winter is not the most favorable time for presenting a place in its full glory, you could still use what the season offers and make the most of it. That will ensure you a fast and smooth sale despite the misconception about the property market in winter.

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House If you’re wondering “how can sell my house fast”, head over to our website for more property related information and enquiries. We buy any home, in any condition and in a timeframe that suits you.

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