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Keep the Glow by Taking Care of Your Hair, Skin, and Teeth.

Hair, Skin, and Teeth.


There is nothing wrong with getting older, but it is important to be aware of how hair, skin, and teeth can change color and your appearance over time. Here are a few tips on looking more naturally vibrant and youthful.

Light Make-Up

One of the best ways to look younger is to stop wearing a heavy foundation, which can make the skin look dull and plastic. Over time facial skin can appear blotchy and damaged from being constantly exposed to the elements and sun damage. Spots and small wrinkles might seem easy enough to cover, but sometimes this approach often magnifies what you are trying to hide. Consider getting a gentle resurfacing procedure such as professional microdermabrasion Virginia Beach instead of trying to hide imperfections. The skin is treated so you can proudly show it off. Skin discoloration from age spots or acne scars, fine lines, and large pores can be noticeably diminished by the microcrystals from the first treatment session. Imagine, instead of wearing multiple products such as concealer, foundation, and highlighter for the appearance of glowing skin, you could truly have fresh, even-toned skin. Remember to always protect your skin with a high SPF moisturizer year-round.

Lustrous Hair

Hair color is a key part of looking good at any age. There are multiple options for hair color these days, and quite a few are ammonia-free. Hair color can be permanent or not, but it certainly does not have to be boring. Choosing the right color will flatter your skin, but hair that is dyed all one color can look harsh and unnatural. A balayage technique can weave highlights and lowlights throughout the hair, complement the skin, and give a sparkle to the eyes. Having a good colorist who will work to make sure the color fits your complexion and lifestyle is a vital part of timeless beauty.

Radiant Smile

Teeth are not usually thought of as age indicators, but discolored or neglected teeth can dampen a smile and add years to a face. Teeth that have been damaged, stained, or yellowed with age can make people feel self-conscious and prevent them from smiling in person or for pictures. See your dentist regularly and find out about options for repairing chipped teeth or switching out old silver fillings with natural-looking materials such as composite or porcelain. Your dentist can further advise about teeth whitening options that can erase years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking. A lovely bright smile will light up your whole face. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, but maintaining good health and the appearance of your hair, skin, and teeth are fundamental to looking and feeling your best at any age.

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