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The Complete Guide to Horse Rugs and Why You Need Them

Horse Rugs


During winter, horse owners protect them from cold and wetness, while they deal with flies and heat during summer. You need fly rugs and fly masks to keep your horse happy and protected from diseases that flies spread. Horse rugs come in different types that match all weather conditions.

The Main Types of Horse Rugs

The various horse rugs available can overwhelm you. Fly rugs for horses keep them safe while giving you peace of mind, and you can be sure it will serve you as you expect. The list below guides the various types of horse rugs and the time to use them.


As the name suggests, summer sheets are used during summer to protect your horse from the sun. They protect the horse’s top coat from bleaching by the harsh sun rays and insects that make them uncomfortable. Get a quality summer sheet with high protection from UV, yet breathable and light.

You can also use turnout rugs during winter as lay-under rugs for warmth. It’s important to note that summer sheets aren’t ideal for use in the rain since they absorb water and moisture from the air. The wetness can cause the horse a lot of discomfort.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs protect the horse from cold, strong winds, rain, and snow. They keep horses warm and dry. You’ll find various levels of protection your horse can get from turnout rugs. While choosing a turnout rug, consider the age, living, clipping routine, weight, exercise level and grazing condition.

Mesh Rugs

Mesh rugs are designed to safeguard the horse from harsh UV rays and insects, especially flies. They allow free airflow, keeping the horse cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions. The rugs also protect them from insect bites and some plants that can cause reactions to the skin. Mesh rugs dry fast, allowing unpredictable showers since they don’t hold in water.


The horse is an active animal. After an exercise, the horse’s body temperature is high and using cooler rugs will help regulate it. They also prevent the body temperature from dropping fast when cooling off. You can place them under horses’ saddles for more comfort.

Stable Rugs

Stable rugs are fit for clipped horses that live indoors. Movement helps horses to generate body heat and stay warm. But for those who don’t move around, stable rugs help them generate enough body heat during cold times. You can also purchase lightweight, stable rugs for keeping horses that live inside throughout the year round.

Why You Need Horse Rugs

Protecting your horse from cold and the sun is necessary and should be a property to horse owners. Here’s why horses need protection.

  • External parasites
  • Skin allergens
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Photosensitivity
  • Environmental effects

Wrapping Up

Be mindful of your horse’s wellbeing by taking good care of it every day. One way to ensure it’s comfortable and healthy is by using the appropriate horse rugs. There are varieties available in the market for all seasons.

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