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Saving Money on Long-haul International Flights: 4 Tips

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Do you want to travel to your dream, international destination but worried about the budget? Don’t worry- mentioned in this post are 4 tips that can make international flying for your affordable. Keep reading.

Long-haul international flights can be quite expensive. In fact, flights can be a significant component of your travel budget. Thus, it is essential to be innovative and look for hacks that can save you money on flight bookings. Let’s look at four tips that can help you save money while booking your international flights.

1. Take a Flight with Stops: A direct flight usually costs more than a flight with one or more stops. There are many reasons for the difference; the most important is that airlines can better leverage on higher demand for shorter route flights. Moreover, connecting flights also means that airlines can use smaller aircraft and refuel. These are cheaper to buy and maintain compared to the big planes. Thus, next time you book a flight, look for one with multiple stops. However, there are a few things you should look for before you get tempted;

  1. Do you need to exit the terminal at the connecting airport?
  2. Would you need a transit visa?
  3. Would your check-in luggage be handled by the airline, or you’ll have to collect it and hand it again to the next airline?

If you’re stopping for a few hours at an airport, check if you can get access to the airport lounge. These lounges offer free drinks and meals and offer you all the amenities to make your pitstop comfortable and luxurious.

2. Break Your Journey with Layovers: Another option, similar to the first one is breaking your journey with layovers. Rather than opting for a flight with stops, break your journey midway and take another flight to your destination. Sometimes, the cumulative cost of two flights can be lesser than the direct flight price to the destination. However, this option comes with some cons and limitations;

  1. You will need a visa in the country where you stop for a layover.
  2. You may need to book a hotel or stay, depending on the duration of the layover.

Thus, add up all the extra costs to see if breaking your journey can save you money. A great benefit of this is that you can explore another country or city as you make a pit stop before flying to your final destination.

1. Opt for a Budget Airline: Low-cost airlines usually cost you lesser than full-service airlines. Thus, you can save a considerable amount of money when you book your flight with a low-cost carrier. Do note that you might have to let go of some privileges such as in-flight beverages or lesser baggage allowance.

2. Earn Miles: This has to be one of the best ways to save cost on flights and more so on expensive long-haul international flights. If you are a part of a mile program, booking a flight through them can get you some precious miles. Since these miles are usually calculated based on the ticket price and miles travelled, you stand a chance to earn a good amount of miles on long-duration flights. For instance, if you look at the airfares from Delhi to London or Delhi to New York,  the miles you can earn can be quite good. While this may not reduce the ticket price, miles can save the overall cost of travel significantly. Some programs allow you to redeem these miles against many things, such as flights, hotel stays, etc.

Long-duration international flights do not have to be expensive. If you are smart, you can save money on them while booking. Use these unique tips and get the best deal on your next flight booking.

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