The PNB MetLife Grand Assured Income Plan is a pension plan designed to provide its customers with financial security during retirement. It offers varied benefits that make it a sought-after option for those looking to secure a steady income stream while minimizing the risk associated with traditional pension plans.

This article gives an overview of various features, benefits, and risks associated with this pension plan so readers can decide whether it is right for them.

Benefits of Investing in Pension Plans 

Tax Benefits

Investing in pension plans can provide tax benefits because contributions to the plan are deductible up to certain limits. Additionally, any income earned from investments within the pension plan is generally exempt from income tax until it is withdrawn as part of retirement income.

Security and Flexibility

They offer a secure way to save for retirement with regular payments and fixed terms. This ensures that investors have access to a steady income during their golden years. These plans also allow investors to adjust their contribution amounts or investment strategies based on their changing needs or preferences.

Professional Management

Also, they are professionally managed by experienced specialists with expertise in managing large-scale investment portfolios and achieving appropriate returns. This helps to ensure that investors’ savings are properly managed and maximized for their retirement years.

Death Benefits

They even provide death benefits for the beneficiaries of an investor who passes away while still investing in a plan. These benefits can even include a lump sum payment or regular payments from the pension fund, depending on the plan’s specifics.

Annuity Benefits

As part of a pension plan, investors can also choose to purchase an annuity, which provides monthly payments for the duration of their retirement. Annuities are typically purchased with funds accumulated in the pension plan and provide added financial security during later retirement years.

Survival Benefit

Some pension plans also offer a survival benefit, which provides financial protection to an investor’s family if they pass away. This benefit is typically paid out in the form of a lump sum or regular payments, depending on the plan’s specifics.

Exceptions to the Plan

The PNB MetLife Grand Assured Income Plan does not cover suicide, so prospective investors need to consider this when considering the plan. Additionally, there may be other exceptions depending on the plan’s specifics, so it is important to read through all of the details before committing.

Suppose the annuitant dies by suicide within 12 months from the beginning of the policy or its revival. In that case, the nominee of the policyholder will receive at least 80% of the total premium paid.  This applies to both single annuitant and joint annuitant plans. The minimum death benefit of 80% does not apply to any other exceptions made in the policy.

Tax Benefits of Pension Plans

Pension plans offer some fantastic tax benefits, so investors should consider this type of retirement planning.

  • Contributions to a pension plan are deductible up to certain limits, and any income generated by the plan is exempt from income taxes until the investor begins to withdraw money.
  • Additionally, investing in a pension plan can help investors defer capital gains taxes on investments made with funds accumulated through the pension plan.
  • By taking advantage of these tax benefits, investors may reduce their overall tax liability and enjoy greater financial security during retirement.


The PNB MetLife Grand Assured Income Plan is a great option for individuals seeking an effective retirement planning solution. With flexible terms and tax advantages, it’s ideal for those seeking to maximize their savings and ensure a comfortable retirement. With its professional management, death benefits, annuity benefits, and survival benefit options, the plan is sure to provide security.