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Understanding Your New Car Invoice Prices: How to Get the Best Deal

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A car has become a necessity, simplifying relocation, and buying one is an exciting time. Amidst the excitement, gather essential paperwork, including the new car invoice, which is crucial for reviewing and making necessary payments.

Before thoroughly explaining the new car invoice, you must comprehend the significance of another crucial document you will require. It is the four-wheeler insurance. The Motor Vehicles Act requires the 4-wheeler to have third-party insurance.

Buying four-wheeler insurance is quick and easy. Visit the insurance provider’s website, use the car insurance calculator to compare plans, select one, pay the premium, and get your policy within minutes. Make sure you do the process for car insurance policy renewal on time.

Let’s examine the new car invoice price in more detail.

What Is The Invoice For A New Car?

The new car invoice contains the price breakdown, including the invoice price, presented by the dealer as a payment request for the vehicle. Understanding the invoice’s elements is crucial for comprehending the price details before receiving your car.

Ex-Showroom Cost

The car price the manufacturer has set is the ex-showroom price. The price includes the dealer’s margins, manufacturing costs, logistics and transportation expenses, and any applicable taxes, like GST, on the vehicle.

Fees Associated With Vehicle Registration

This comprises the total sum paid to the Regional Transport Office (RTO), including the money paid for road tax and Registration Certificate (RC) fees.

Premium For A Car Insurance Policy

It is mandatory in India by law to purchase three-year third-party car insurance for a four-wheeler when you buy a new car. Nonetheless, it is the ideal option since comprehensive four-wheeler Bajaj Allianz car insurance online includes both own-damage and third-party coverage. *

Additional Expenses

There are additional fees if you buy accessories or any other services from the dealer, such as extended warranties or roadside assistance. All cars now need a FASTTag, so you will be responsible for the cost if you decide to purchase one from the dealer.

On-Road Cost

The final amount you pay for your car right before you take it out on the road is known as the “on-road price.” It is the total of all the expenses that were previously stated.

The sum of the prices mentioned above is the new car invoice price.

How Are The Prices On New Car Invoices Calculated?

The invoice price for a new car is just the total amount you must pay for the vehicle. This is the total amount you must pay to take your car out of the showroom, also called the car’s on-road value.

The following describes how the invoice price of a new car is calculated:

Car value/price on the road = Car value/ex-showroom value + registration fees + insurance premium + other charges

For new cars, the invoice cost is the total of the car’s ex-showroom value plus any applicable road tax and registration fees, insurance premium cost, and other costs. The extra services and accessories you purchase will determine the additional expenses.

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* Standard T&C ApplyInsurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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