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Even in today’s modern era in the 21st century, if you look around, you will soon realise that full sleeve shirts are still considered trendy and in fashion in spite of them being in use for centuries. Let’s take a look at the fascinating tale of the ‘shirt.’


There is no exact meaning of the word ‘shirt’. It basically depends on context and region. In British English, the term refers to a long sleeve shirt with cuffs and a collar usually worn under a coat, whereas in American English, the term is used to refer to a wide variety of garments worn on the torso. Though, in general terms, a shirt is a buttoned-down, usually full-sleeved, upper garment worn by men as well as women.


  1. The first shirt ever discovered is around 5000 years old (3000 B.C.) and found in a first dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarkanwhich was made of linen.
  2. In the medieval times in England and Europe, the shirt of primarily worn only by men as an undergarment right on the skin and was covered by other clothing like coats and sweaters.
  3. Slowly and gradually, full sleeve shirts began to be visible in post-medieval artworks and paintings, with usual shepherds and poor people shown wearing them.
  4. This lasted till the beginning of the twentieth century, when long sleeve shirts began to be worn as a primary outer garment by men, and in the mid to late 20th century, by women as well.


Even after being in use for over 5000 years, shirts with full sleeves are still in trend in modern contemporary times. The primary reason for shirts being in trend for so long is because of their simple design. A buttoned long sleeve shirt is considered an ideal and sober outfit for a formal environment.

Its straightforward and effortless style, with a formal and posh look, makes it an all-time favourite for conventional backgrounds. All around in offices, schools, businesses, meetings and official visits, a long sleeve shirt is considered part of a preferred uniform.

They have quite a modern look to them but without making it too complicated. Shirts with full sleeves are being worn in different styles in recent times, for example, with the sleeves folded back to the elbow to make it look a bit more casual or with the lower ends tied into a knot for a more artistic look.

In an official environment, shirts willlong sleeves are seen as high class, chic and upmarket. In a casual context, there have been new styles emerging to wear long sleeve shirts in different ways to make them look more cool, stylish and fashionable.


In short, a full sleeve shirt has continued to remain in trend for the last 5000 years, though in different styles, because of its plain and simple style and with a smart and high-class look, especially informal environments, and more recently in the casual background as well.

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