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Why Consider Furnace & Duct Cleaning During Home Upgrades

Duct Cleaning


A home upgrade project is an excellent opportunity to modify your space. You can opt for various projects such as painting, installing new flooring,  updating the lights, etc. Sadly, most people neglect the furnace, only to regret it during breakdowns.

 The furnace is a handy home in cold months, and you can avoid furnace issues and enhance durability through regular vent and duct cleaning. Doing this will improve your home’s air quality and avoid nasty smells.

Here is why you should plan for furnace and duct cleaning during home improvement projects:

1. Improved efficiency

Duct cleaning ensures improved efficiency of your furnace. Cleaning the boiler and ducts makes the device run better rates, and will run for less to heat your home. This will ensure high levels of efficiency, saving you money.

Once you let dust and dirt to accumulate within the ductwork, this will affect airflow and will lead to inefficient heat and cold patches in your home.

2. Minimal odd noises& quieter operations

 The furnace can be loud, and you will notice rumbling, and loud sounds when starting the device. However, you may notice odd louder noises over time. This can happen when the furnace runs, and there are loose screws or dislodged panels. The Edmonton Duct Cleaners can help clean the ducts, and also to tighten and secure any loose components for improved operation.

3. Clear and cleaner burns

 Cleaning your furnace and ducts will get rid of dirt and other debris inside the burners. This way, your furnace will burn cleaner, and improve the quality of air in your home. The technician will also examine your furnace for carbon monoxide issues or air leaks. Have special tools to do this, or ensure all elements get locked in one place.

4. Eliminates foul smells

 Professional furnace and duct cleaning will help alleviate foul smells in your unit. Although you may be using scented candles, these will only work for a short period. Duct cleaning eliminates the tobacco and mold smells and bacteria trapped on the venst which may lead to musky smells in the home.

5. Reduced energy bills

 Cleaning the furnace and ducts will ensure excellent airflow, it will improve the efficiency of your unit. I the ducts are clogged your unit will work extra hard, and will produce a weak airflow. Your unit will then need more power to function optimally, raising your energy bills. But a clean furnace will help avoid this, saving you on energy bills.

6. Ensures safe running

Most furnace brands can run for years with no problems. However, the parts will break down over time, and a buildup of dirt on the ducts and vents will worsen the issue. This can translate to costly repairs which can be avoided through regular cleaning.


 Cleaning urnace ducts enhances the air quality in your home, and a professional technician can help. Cleaning will eliminate various contaminants such as bacteria, pollen, and dander that can pose health hazards in your home. It also

increases the unit’s efficiency, leading to significant energy savings. This way,  you will enjoy comfortable temperatures and a cozy environment in your home.

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