Thursday, May 23, 2024

Why is an AI Accessibility Overlay Better Than Generic App Plugins for Fixing Site Issues?

accessibility overlay


For accommodating all sorts of disabilities, a business should deploy comprehensive solutions with potent capabilities like artificial intelligence. Technologies with AI are better than generic app plugins as the latter have restricted options and cannot arrest gaps as efficiently as custom solutions driven by artificial intelligence. These overlays can better comprehend the site’s contexts and its architecture to implement the correct guidelines for accessibility consistently.

Why do you need an accessibility overlay for physical disabilities?

Today, the Internet is one of the fastest and most vital technological developments in history. However, has it ever crossed your mind as to how people with physical disabilities access it? There are about 350 million sites in the USA, out of which 2% of them are accessible by people with physical disabilities. 20% of the population in the nation have physical disabilities, leaving just one out of five people without proper access to the Internet.

Both physical and digital accessibility in the USA is a civil right for every person. Companies should ensure their sites are accessible for everyone, and luckily, thanks to the presence of an AI-empowered accessibility overlay, this task is not a mammoth one at all!

How was “accessibility” introduced in the USA?

Section 508 of The Rehabilitation Act and Title III of The Americans with Disabilities Act introduced accessibility. Section 508 applies to contractors as well as federal agencies, whereas Title III of The Americans with Disabilities Act covers private businesses.

Section 508 has the onus to protect people with disabilities from discrimination in all forms of non-physical areas, including the Internet. This is why ADA lawsuits against business sites that are inaccessible are highly on the increase as well.

The need to keep your business site well-maintained and up-to-date

Companies face it hard to maintain and keep their business sites up-to-date. The challenges increase in the field of site accessibility with the influx of new content regularly. In the past, business owners had to depend upon app plugins and web developers for maintaining the site and keeping it accessible for everyone. However, the whole affair was super expensive for most companies, especially small business owners.

Save on costs and time with accessibility overlays

The costs incurred to regularly maintain and look after a business site cost thousands of dollars, so companies have to take proactive measures to control these costs. At the same time, they should make the investment needed to ensure their sites are available to everyone. The site has to be ADA compliant and at the same time work for every user with physical disabilities.

There are multiple websites that rely on an AI-empowered accessibility overlay today. They are an automated solution for attaining seamless accessibility. The business can enjoy the advantages of AI technology for scanning their client sites and looking for new content daily. They can detect issues and make the adjustments needed. Overlays can protect a company from lawsuits, and fixing site issues can be done affordably in a short span of time with success!

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