Saturday, June 22, 2024

5 Great Websites To Boost Your Efficiency

PDF to Word converter


The current work environment, irrespective of your profession, moves at an extremely fast pace, leaving you with no time to spare dealing with trivial errands like data entry, making charts, converting PDF to Word, etc.

Luckily now, there are several websites that finish these tasks for you, with just a command. Here are a few websites that can save you from the boring daily tasks and add an hour to your day.

Ever note

This is basically a website that helps you stay on your toes the entire day and helps you work at your best intensity. Once you make a log of the tasks you need to complete on a given workday, Evernote keeps giving you timely reminders, forcing you to complete the task without procrastinating.

This can be especially helpful if you are a freelancer that is in need of that extra push to help you get things done.


This is basically your regular calendar app, but with a mind of its own. The calendar that you fill in helps you schedule the times that you are busy and blocks them from the view of anyone who wants to fix an appointment with you.

Here is where Calendly comes into play. Calendly automatically puts in buffers in between your meetings, providing enough time for you to get refreshed or have a quick snack. Breaks are definitely important to maintain productivity as well.

File Stage

If you are someone that is constantly working in teams and face the hassles of your project having to be sent to several officials to get checked every time, File Stage is something that you absolutely need.

File Stage helps you manage workflow, especially with collaborations. It allows everyone in the group to post and suggest files of any format, skipping all the time-consuming stages of repeated editing.

PDF Simpli

PDF Simpli is an online PDF to Word converter that doubles up as a PDF editor as well. It can be significantly helpful as PDFs and documents have now become an inevitable part of everyone’s daily routine.

Editing your PDFs yourself can be especially difficult as one is always doubtful about reviewing their own work. This website helps you be sure of your work while helping you reduce the time spent checking your files.


With the purge in the number of people working from home, including freelancers, home businesses, etc., time management has become more difficult. Toggl is a simple website that acts as a time tracker, helping you assign time slots for your activities.

Making definite time allotments for every task you do in a day can improve your efficiency productivity by several folds.

In addition, Toggl also gives you an overall time analysis, allowing you to reflect on your time usage and providing chances to improve your schedules and work uptake.

There are hundreds of similar websites out there today that can help you work better and smarter. Next time you find yourself wasting time on something trivial, be sure to do a web search for websites or software that can do it for you.

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