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Various Things You Should Know About Powder Coating Systems

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Product problems can be costly, both in terms of time and money. The use of powder coatings as a finish for car parts and wood furniture is becoming more popular. Powder coating systems work by applying finely ground dry paint particles to an object, drying under heat to form a smooth, hard finish.

Powder coating systems work well and offer the advantage that they require no drying ovens or liquids, which must be disposed of afterward, so the environmental impact is less than with other finishing methods such as water-based finishes. However, there are some potential disadvantages too. Although they are typically longer-lasting than different kinds of finish, they eventually begin to wear off over time; powder coating services can be more expensive than alternative options, and fire safety is an ongoing concern. Some of the things you need to know about powder coating systems include;

A good powder coating system requires a properly designed oven with appropriate temperature controls to ensure proper curing for long-lasting results. Be sure your contractor has experience in developing this type of installation.

A high-quality primer should be applied before applying the topcoat powder coat material to ensure proper adhesion of the finish on all types of materials, including plastics and metals.

Many powder systems offer a range of finishes that can be applied to the same object, including matte, satin, and high gloss options. This is useful for achieving a different look at similar things.

Different types of powder coating materials are available with different benefits depending on the type of customer application required. For example, metal spray coatings have been created mainly for industrial purposes, such as reducing friction in machinery parts, so they run more smoothly. At the same time, wood powders provide an attractive finish on furniture and doors without using paints or stains, which require sealing afterward.

Powder coating services must be almost completely automated to be effective, especially in larger applications where multiple objects must be treated simultaneously. This means that some larger projects using powder coatings can take a relatively long time to finish compared to other options.

The price of powder coating may be higher than for other finishes due to the equipment involved and the labor costs, especially if these services are contracted out rather than done in-house by an individual buyer. However, this is not always so if there are savings made by requiring less post finishing work or cheaper alternatives cannot provide certain benefits that only powder coating can provide (such as flatness or durability).

On fire safety: Although powder coating systems have been developed over recent years to ensure spray powders used in industrial applications burn off completely during usage, there is still some residual risk with all types of powder coating equipment. If this is a concern, another finish such as water-based or solvent coatings may be advisable.

You have probably seen powder coating systems in action. Maybe you see them while walking down the street, while driving on the freeway or even while looking out your window. Powder coating systems are especially popular because of their flexible material handling capabilities and their use for various applications from food processing to automotive.

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