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An Ideal Workout Plan for Busy New Dads to Stay Fit: Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic


Hitting the gym for new fathers seems to be extremely challenging with their whole host of activities on their to-do list while balancing their professional and familial life with the newborn. According to the doctors of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic although the circumstances may obstruct new fathers from pursuing their fitness goals as they did earlier, by having a series of workout plans they can keep them lively, maintain strength, and shred unwanted fat build-up. Just with a few tools and even without them, they can accomplish their goal by spending merely 15 to 30 minutes working on a daily basis. Here is a guide comprising three workout plans for busy fathers to strengthen their upper and lower body, burn fat, and keep muscles enduring.

Circuit Training

The workout plan requires individuals to rotate the body parts in a sequence of around 10 exercises aiming to reinforce various muscle groups. With circuit training, busy dads can go through each aerobic for a specific number of repetitions. On completion of the first exercise, the person needs to move to the next activity and execute an equal number of repetitions with one minute rest in between.

The objective of circuit workouts is toning the target muscles of both the upper as well as lower body, which is vital to boosting overall strength. Noteworthy, involving strength training alongside cardio workouts, such as running, rowing, jumping, sit-ups, etc. are simply great for developing one’s body composition perfectly by burning fat and building muscle.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

To carry out high-intensity interval training, consider the Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, suggested list of aerobics:

  • Jogging
  • Rowing
  • Stair climbing
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

An effective way to perform HIIT training is

  1. To initiate exercises with low intensity to get warm up for up to 2 minutes.
  2. Thereafter, switch to medium intensity level for 1-2 minutes.
  3. And then, shift to a HIIT or high-intensity pace for around 30-60 seconds.
  4. Alternating between low and high-intensity workout sessions may take nearly 15 minutes or longer according to one’s availability of time.

The objective of HIIT is to improve the endurance of cardiovascular health while enabling one to stay away from chronic diseases of risk.

Strength Training Workouts

To achieve the maximum outcome of the workout session, new dads should consider incorporating certain strength exercises into their daily or weekly routine.

Make sure to deploy resistance bands, barbells, dumbbells, or simply using own body weight to carry out the muscle-shaping workouts as stated below:

Calf, thighs, and butt, workouts:

The types include narrow and wide-stance squats, standing lunges, squat jumps, wall-holding squat jumps, squat kicks, using dumbbells in squats, etc.

Shoulder workouts:

Consider performing standing vertical rows with dumbbells, front and lateral raises, resistance band vertical rows, dumbbell shoulder presses, etc.

Arm exercises:

Perform biceps curls using barbells or dumbbells, biceps curls using resistance bands, an extension of triceps with dumbbells or bands, triceps kickbacks using resistance bands or dumbbells, triceps dips, etc.

Abdominal exercises:

The set includes sit-ups, crunches, slanting crunches, V-ups, plank jacks, traditional planks, side planks, and shoulder-touching planks.

Upper/lower back exercises:

The recommended types are barbell or dumbbell deadlifts, bent-over dumbbells, rowing with one arm, back extensions, etc.

Chest exercises:

Consider dumbbell chest presses, push-ups, barbell bench presses, etc.

To get the best outcomes, busy professionals and fathers should aim to carry out a minimum of two sets of the above types with 10-20 repetitions for every set according to their fitness goals.

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