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Wedding stage decoration Ideas

decoration Ideas


Weddings are great, but the Indian Wedding is an experience of the next level altogether. This is because we as a culture are all about displaying our best foot forward. Be it the food, the decor, the clothes, or the couple themselves.

Every detail needs to be scrutinized from every aspect in order for perfection to be attained. The wedding stage decoration is one of the most important aspects of our Indian weddings. In fact, it is the ‘hot spot’ of all action. The stage is where the Bride and the Groom exchange coy glances at each other.

This is where you get your ‘two minutes of fame’ during the photo sessions. This is the exact place where the two families from either side get together for a union click. As a result, for reasons obvious, the stage has to be decked up with just as much attention as your wedding attire.

But, as couples in modern times have turned to be more experimental with ideas, the ‘stage’ has graduated to be ‘up-staged’ in order to offer the specter of a lifetime. Here are top wedding stage decor ideas that are simple yet cool:

1. The Fairytale Idea

We all love fairytales, don’t we? Likewise, it is a great idea to set up your wedding stage with the same theme. This essentially implies something whimsical, surreal almost out-of-this-world. It could be a fantasy, an idea from your favorite childhood story, or simply a dream.

You could set up your stage in hues of gold and glamor where make-shift Pillars and drapes make the statement. Flowers need to be in excess, either in striking Red Roses or subtle collections of Pastel Lillies. Keeping up the same palette of ideas, you need to set up your seats.

This could either be two separate ‘throne-like sitting arrangements or more delicate chairs adorned with bows, flowers, and placards. Be sure to offer some attention to the backdrop as well with fairy lights, flowers, and drapes.

2.  The Classic

There is a thing about sticking to traditions; it can never go wrong. So, for your big day, an ideal ‘Bride and Groom’ Sofa Seats with adjacent couches on either side are great. The look has to be more on the Royal palates with Royal Blues, Green, Golds, or Reds.

Lately, the classic White with soft hues of Gold makes for the most wonderful stage decor idea. Place some rugs or carpet scattered at the front for people to stand and sit for pictures. Drapes and strings of flower arrangements on the backdrop of the seats complete the look of the ‘Classic stage decoration.

3.   Bright and Colorful 

Are you the fun type and love to play with colors? Well, set up your wedding stage into a riot of colors for that ‘fun-quotient’. This could mean using colorful drapes, a mix of different colored flowers, fairy lights, cushions with mirror work and Bohemian embroidery, and a ‘quirky’ sense of arrangements.

Here, you can either arrange for the bride and groom to sit, relax on cushions and pillows, or go for simple yet comfortable chairs adorned with colorful sashes or ribbons. Liked Priyanka-Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Mehendi ceremony? Well, that’s what we are talking about.

While it can be a great idea to do most arrangements yourself, nevertheless, a wedding planner can help you manifest your fantasy into reality. At the end of the day, your wedding should be able to be the talk of the town, for all the right reasons.

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