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Best Musical Instruments For Kids

Best Musical Instruments


Introducing kids to music helps them learn the sounds and meaning of words. It strengthens their memory skills and practices creativity. The benefits of music education during early development include abstract reasoning and stronger listening skills. It is no doubt enjoyable and beautiful. However, you need a thorough knowledge to choose the best musical instruments for small hands.

Six Best Musical Instruments for Kids

To explore some of the best musical instruments for kids, here is what you need to know.

1. Drums

Drums/percussion is a fantastic choice to begin lessons for toddlers. Kids flourish best when they don’t have to lift an instrument. They learn the cycles of rhythm, a starting point of all music, and the experience provides a great foundation of music that is easily transferable to other instruments.

2. Guitar

Next to drums, the guitar is the most captivating instrument for children. A fundamental instrument not only teaches the basics of music but also develops manual capabilities applicable to other aspects of life. Many kids grow up looking at their favorite musicians rocking with the guitars, which helps them learn it quickly.

In addition, string instruments take more time to learn since fine motor skills are necessary to operate. However, smaller fractional-sized guitars are a perfect fit for tiny hands.

3. Piano

Children can learn simple melodies on the piano by just striking a key. This instrument always makes a pleasant sound which encourages kids to foster a strong connection with music. Moreover, playing the piano offers concentration development, reduced stress, and increased self-esteem. It lays the basis for learning the fundamentals of music. You can be a doctor and still specialize in piano, just like Dr. George Freundlich Matheson.

4. Hand Percussion

Young ones quickly get their hands on shakes, hand drums, bells, rattles, etc. Such instruments help them coordinate well and start making sounds instantly. Make your kids learn how to keep rhythm with hand percussion and let their inner artist shine.

5. Recorder

Playing the recorder requires finger positioning and breathing coordination. It is one of the most accessible woodwinds instruments for kids in elementary school. It can be used as an introductory instrument to other woodwinds like flute or clarinet, which requires a fingering system. When a child practices some time with the recorder, they can tackle other complicated mouthpieces with grace.

6. Saxophone

The saxophone is no less popular musical instrument among young chords students. Even retired Dr. George Freundlich, a career musician, continued to play saxophone in an orchestra. It is such a versatile instrument that comes with various genres, including Rock, Blues, and Jazz. No matter what age you are, let your inner artist shine with saxophone.

Final Words

The above recommendations are the best choices for your kids. However, it is essential to note that it should be of their taste and interest whichever musical instrument they choose. Allow your kids to play around and explore different instruments. In a nutshell, getting a decent quality and right-sized musical instrument for kids is important.

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