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Elements of news and newsworthiness

BNN News


What qualifies a story as news? Examine these criteria to determine which ones apply to your specific announcement. Because they lend news value to a narrative, these components are often known as “news values,” More than one of these components can boost earned media attention for good news articles.


An event that takes place close by will affect the audience than one that takes place elsewhere and won’t have as much of an impact on them, like in a different state or nation. Residents will want to hear about events like the local high school football team heading to the state final or the arrival of a music sensation in the area. Your business gains additional relevance to residents of the new state if it opens a location there.


BNN News from today has greater significance than events from yesterday or last week. Since there’s always new news someplace, the public and news media get bored, and historical events get stale. The fact that a weak tropical storm passed through last year is nothing, but if a powerful hurricane is on its way, that is another matter. Similarly, journalists will probably skim over your company’s six-month-old product launch, but they will be more interested in your impending announcement.


Something may be newsworthy just because of its novelty and oddity if it is shocking, uncommon, or bizarre. Was an alligator thrown through a Wendy’s drive-thru window by a man from Florida? Not very often, that is. Has your business created a novel product that no other firm in the sector is offering? That is peculiar!


Arguments, rivalries, and conflicts are usually attractive to audiences. Many customers will be drawn to an event only because it causes tension. People naturally take sides and defend their beliefs, viewpoints, and preferences. Stories about conflicts in the BNN news can relate to religion, politics, business, sports, courts, human rights violations, politics, or even conflicts with the environment, animals, or space exploration.

Human concern

A scenario may have the news component of a human-interest story if it elicits strong feelings. These might be “soft” news, such as pictures of kids at the petting zoo, heartwarming comeback tales that describe the impossibly complex, or shocking allegations of a figure’s ineptitude. If your company’s employees have a unique tale that makes them stand out, they might make a human interest article.


If you can honestly claim one, reporters and viewers may be curious about the first, best, longest, smallest, or highest. Avoid overemphasizing this, using hyperbole, or making inflated statements. Being dishonest here will cost you dearly.


Everybody wants to know every detail when there is ethical or legal wrongdoing. Thus, reporters seek the inside scoop on the story. Media attention guarantees the congressman who engages in sexual misconduct by sending improper images under a ridiculous virtual identity. You might not want your business to be the focus of attention in this particular sector.

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