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Revature Reviews Shed Light on the Best STEM Degrees for a Career in Software Engineering

Career in Software Engineering


Software engineers make use of computer science to design, develop, and launch software products for businesses across diverse sectors. It is estimated that there will be 2,033,600 software developers in the United States by the end of the next decade, making a career in this field a smart decision. To prepare for a career in software engineering, one can get enrolled in certain STEM degree courses. According to Revature reviews, pursuing training programs through popular tech development companies would also be a good way to prepare for a career in software engineering.

Revature reviews underline certain STEM degrees that can be helpful in building a software engineering career

Software engineering is a rapidly growing field, with many types of high-paying jobs to choose from. Moreover, the demand for skilled engineers is pretty high. However, this industry is also quite competitive. To land a good job as a software engineer, people should try to pursue industry relevant degrees. Here are some of the popular STEM degrees that will prepare students for a successful career in software engineering:

  • Computer Science: Undoubtedly, computer science is among the best degrees to study for people who want to become a software engineer. They would get to learn about programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and many other important concepts and topics in a computer science program. Students will also gain valuable experience in working with basic software development tools and techniques during their program, which would be quite helpful as they try to explore employment opportunities in the field in the future.
  • Electrical Engineering: For aspiring software engineers, electrical engineering can be another great degree. In such programs, students would learn about digital signal processing, circuit design and many other industry relevant topics. They would also develop and hone valuable critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Mathematics: Even though a degree in math may not seem to be an obvious choice for candidates interested in software engineering, it is important to understand that math is an important part of the industry. Knowledge of math can be helpful in solving many types of software engineering problems. In a math program, the students would learn about topics like probability, calculus, linear algebra, and more, as well as develop analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Physics: Physics is another not too obvious, but a valuable degree for aspiring software engineers. While pursuing their Physics degree, the students shall learn about topics like electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and mechanics. They shall also develop vital critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.
  • Chemistry: Much like Physics, chemistry can also be a great subject to study for aspiring software engineers. Chemistry programs enable candidates to learn about topics like thermodynamics, chemical reactions, and atomic structure.

Software engineers are largely hired on the basis of the skills that they have. They can get some of these skills and expertise by pursuing any of the degrees mentioned above, depending on their preferences and interests. Candidates can further join training programs offered by companies like Revature to provide a boost to their career. Revature reviews shed light on how several candidates landed a lucrative job in the tech industry with the help of this tech talent development company.

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