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Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Blankets

Horse Blankets


Horses need blankets to keep them warm, especially during winter. These blankets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. So you must ensure that you choose the right size for your horse. In this article, we take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about horse blankets. Let’s delve into them.

When shopping for a horse blanket, how can you know whether you get the proper one?

You must plan for the wellbeing of your horses in the event of severe weather. You want to keep them warm and dry, but there are so many different blankets out there, and they can be very expensive, so you want to make sure you choose the proper one for your horse.

What type of horse blanket should I buy?

It’s important to consider whether your horse requires a blanket before spending a lot of money on one of the seemingly endless options.

Horses can live outside all year if they have enough coat and a safe area to escape the wind. Even a horse that isn’t clipped may need a winter blanket for horses if it’s being kept in a particularly windy or cold paddock. Clipped horses must always wear a blanket, not just while stabled or turned out in cold weather. Because horses can roam freely in the pasture, horses can generate more body heat. Stabled horses are much more vulnerable to the cold than those outside.

What are the types of horse blankets available?

There are two main types of horse blankets available:

Stable blankets

As the name implies, stable blankets are used when the horse is stabled. You shouldn’t take them outside because they aren’t waterproof. They are usually form-fitting and constructed from a quilted fabric.

Turnout blankets

Horse turnout sheets are waterproof and available in a basic or combo design. A regular turnout blanket will cover your horse from wither to tail, but a combo will additionally provide head and neck protection with its detachable hood.

What size blanket do I need?

You should measure your horse before going blanket shopping. If you can, enlist the aid of another person. To measure your horse, put your horse in a square stance on flat ground.

Measure the middle of the horse’s chest (over the highest point of the shoulder) to the back of the hind leg (at the point of the buttocks) using a flexible tape measure. If the manufacturer does not stock the size you measure, you can simply round up.

Will the blanket keep my horse warm enough?

The weight of a fleece horse blanket depends on its filling, which is often Fiberfill or Polyfill and is expressed in grams. How toasty a blanket is will depend on how much stuffing it has. The amount of filling in your blanket is determined by the following:

  • The environment that will be provided for your horse. Think of where he can seek refuge from the elements, as well.
  • The length and condition of the coat
  • Whether or not your horse is clipped

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