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Methods for increasing remote employee engagement

Methods for increasing


Remote work has been growing for years and will continue to do so. As businesses and people adjust to this new distant norm, many see the benefits of virtual employment. It’s easy to see why.

Remote employees are more productive, engaged, and content. Furthermore, organizations that provide remote and flexible work choices are more appealing to top talent, assisting them in attracting and retaining a competitive workforce. For increasing workforce management we can use specific employee productivity software.

However, managing a remote workforce is not always straightforward. So, how do you secure the success of your remote employees? Maintain employee engagement no matter where they work.

There are several methods for keeping remote personnel interested. In this post, we’ll discuss how remote work affects employee engagement and 10 research-backed tactics for engaging your remote workforce.

Understanding Remote work and Employee engagement:

Remote work is clearly here to stay—at least on some level for most firms. However, while remote work has numerous advantages, it also has its own set of obstacles.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 62% of workers feel that working remotely improves engagement, yet just 5% are likely to stay with their organization in the long run.

So, what does this indicate for your own attempts at remote employee engagement?

This void gives them a chance for businesses to be proactive and increase their engagement efforts. To keep your remote staff motivated, you’ll need more than benefits and virtual happy hours. Engaging remote workers necessitates a strategic strategy as well as a long-term commitment to your personnel.

Methods to increase Employee Engagement:

Using technology, you can stay connected:

Keep your remote staff linked by using efficient communication channels and technology strategically.

Use apps like Zoom, Asana, GoToMeeting, and Slack, for example, to expedite communication and project management among team members so that everyone is on the same page. Encourage your team to use the cloud for file sharing and to improve collaboration among team members.

Make use of video conferencing as well. While email and digital chats are excellent methods to communicate, face-to-face communication may make your remote staff feel more present in the workplace.

Schedule frequent staff meetings and integrate video conferences with screen sharing. This might make your remote staff feel more at ease.

Encourage social engagement.

Despite the numerous advantages of remote work, the most common complaint from employees was loneliness. Encourage team relationships through social hours, video chats, and virtual team-building events to keep your remote staff motivated.

Assign mentors to new recruits so that new workers may ask questions and get orientated over their first year. Plan in-person team or corporate getaways and trips, if feasible, to develop such bonds.

Demonstrate your concern for your staff.

Create strong relationships with your remote employees and allow them the freedom to strike a balance. Set reasonable limits around timetables, responsibilities, and performance objectives to respect their time. Make time to talk with them about:

  • Their personal interests and family
  • Stress and emotional or mental health
  • Their workload in order to avoid burnout

Request and respond to feedback.

Communicate with employees when you act (or do not act) on their input so they know they have been heard and their opinions are respected. Employees who feel appreciated are happier and more engaged at work.

Also, don’t be afraid to provide constructive comments. Assist staff in taking advantage of professional development possibilities.

Employee contributions should be recognized.

Remote employees put in more hours than their in-office counterparts, yet they frequently do not feel like they are part of the team. Making employee appreciation a priority is one option.Use an online recognition platform to enable any employee to observe, comment on, and award accolades in real-time. According to our findings, employee recognition is a key motivator of employee engagement. Employees feel more engaged, respected, and valued when they get regular acknowledgment from peers and management.

Keep them informed.

It is critical to keep your remote employees informed about projects, goals, team progress, and corporate news. Because a lot of information at firms is shared through water cooler conversations or talks across desks, remote employees can quickly feel alienated and left out of the loop.

To offer everyone access to corporate objectives, progress reports, new initiatives, and more, use an employee-friendly goal-setting and tracking system. Check-in with remote employees on a regular basis for one-on-ones and team meetings so that everyone has an opportunity to touch base and maintain their finger on the pulse of the firm. When remote employees participate in the conversation, they will feel more powerful in their job and more connected and engaged.

Assist your new hires.

According to our findings, 76% of new hires felt less prepared to accomplish their job than 85% of tenured employees. In other words, new recruits require additional assistance when working remotely.

Managers should give additional training, communication, and resources to help new remote employees get started. This involves providing staff with access to:

  • Login credentials and document access are examples of information.
  • Clear process and technology training
  • They require tools, equipment, and resources to accomplish their work successfully.

Provide employees with the resources they need to succeed.

Improving engagement and performance requires ensuring your staff feels secure and empowered to accomplish their best job no matter where they are. Whether a new hire or a seasoned employee, make sure your remote staff has the necessary tools and training.

Furthermore, resources and facilities aren’t confined to hardware or equipment requirements such as laptop computers or business mobile phones. Does your staff have a home office where they can work effectively? Do they have prospects for advancement?

Don’t be scared to experiment. You can provide stipends for employees who do not have a home office or pay the costs of sending staff to business conferences and professional development courses.

Be adaptable.

One of the most appealing aspects of remote work is the freedom it provides workers. While team meetings and collaborative sessions may require specific periods, offer your staff control over when and how they work the rest of the time.

You can rely on them to do the task. Employee engagement and satisfaction need the development of trust between employees and supervisors. Furthermore, flexibility allows employees to design a work cycle that works best for them, resulting in a healthy work-life balance.

Provide a combination of remote and on-site employment opportunities.

Employee engagement improves with remote work, especially when people work from home and in the office. Gallup discovered that working from home 3-4 days out of a five-day workweek provided the most engagement rise. Time spent at work encourages individuals to feel more connected to their coworkers and provides for in-person cooperation and bonding among team members. Working remotely, on the other hand, keeps employees focused and productive, as well as less stressed and happier.

Remote work is clearly on the rise, which means that understanding how to manage and engage your remote staff is more vital than ever. Fortunately, there are several methods to engage remote employees—follow these guidelines to reap the full benefits of a remote workforce and keep your team happy, healthy, and productive all year.

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